RELEVANT, the leading content platform reaching Christian twenty- and thirty-somethings, is looking for a versatile writer and social media expert to join our team. The content producer is a fast-moving, creative and strategic position that is part of a major expansion and evolution in RELEVANT's multi-platform editorial strategy.

Working with the director of digital media and editorial director, the content producer will be responsible for creating daily web content, and then effectively deploying that content through social media channels.

The ideal candidate is an experienced creative who can develop an innovative, best-in-class content strategy for RELEVANT’s multimedia platforms. The content producer will be a primary driver of the brand's voice and, as such, must possess a strong editorial perspective and a knack for developing sharp, smart, witty, socially shareable content that connects strongly with our audience.

(Did we mention we're currently blowing up the magazine and website with major redesigns, including a refresh of content strategy?)

Qualified candidates should have a keen awareness of the latest trends in emerging culture, faith and music; enjoy a fast-paced environment with a real-time, nimble editorial strategy; and have experience in balancing sophisticated, on-mission content planning with data analysis and traffic growth goals.

The content producer needs to have creativity, great taste, personality and strong writing skills.

The position will create the daily content for RELEVANT's social media strategy—currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube—and leading all efforts to grow those audiences and expand effectiveness and innovate within each, all while staying true to the brand’s unique voice and focus. The ideal candidate is passionate about social media and has extensive experience creating compelling content. The position will keep its finger on the pulse of social media trends, continually measure the effectiveness of RELEVANT’s social media strategies and proactively adapting them for highest impact. 

The content producer will not only maintain and grow our current social media channels, but will also launch and grow a unique RELEVANT presence on other large platforms as they emerge—keeping the brand on-trend. It is a hands-on creative position creating content, as well as a strategic and analytical one measuring and growing our reach.

The candidate must have a keen awareness of the millennial digital landscape, from established media brands and new editorial sites to social media stars and emerging platforms.

The ideal candidate is our target audience. They know what's happening in the Church, as well as culture. They have great taste in music, literature, film and design. They wrestle with hard questions, but aren't cynical. They're witty and creative. They're passionate about their faith, and about the potential of this generation to change the world. They love writing, but are equally comfortable conducting interviews and letting their personality shine on our multimedia platforms. They are passionate about what RELEVANT's passionate about, and get the unique combination of wit, smarts, vision, passion and taste that make our brand unique.

Want us to be honest? One of the first things we're going to do is look at applicants' Twitter feeds. (Twitter reveals interests, taste and wit.) We want someone who has a unique perspective, personality, taste and is compelling. We don't want someone to try to be interested in what RELEVANT covers. We want someone for whom it's a natural fit. Twitter reveals a lot. 

This is a highly collaborative in-house position that works with the director of digital media, editorial director, publisher and multimedia producers to ideate and create daily website content, as well as contribute to the bi-monthly magazine and multimedia. Expertise in web analytics (to see what's connecting), headline writing, and RELEVANT's mission and voice is vital. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee daily content content for, ensuring that the voice and taste reflects the taste, mission and wit of the RELEVANT brand and the content is connecting effectively
  • Innovate new content strategies to broaden the brand’s audience reach
  • Assign, develop and edit features 
  • Write daily content for the site
  • Establish a strong, conversational, smart voice for our overall brand
  • Develop social-first editorial programming, as well as custom content for visual platforms like Facebook videos and Instagram
  • Work with the audience marketing team to establish actionable strategy that marries smart, sophisticated coverage with traffic and social growth metrics
  • Actively recruit great writers—both emerging and established—to write for our platforms
  • Regularly conduct interviews for our podcasts, and possibly join the cast of a show
  • Conduct interviews on camera for the RELEVANT video platform, and possibly serve as a hosting personality
  • Grow RELEVANT’s content reach by developing, implementing and maintaining comprehensive social media strategies that align with brand strategy
  • Create and deploy daily social media content
  • Analyze results and utilize social media best practices to achieve brand and business objectives
  • Provide ongoing insight into the latest social media tactics/technologies, and formulate strategies for adoption when necessary
  • Ensure content is published in a timely, effective and excellent manner


  • A strong sense of editorial voice and ability to write and edit smart, conversational copy in a flash
  • Experience writing and editing top-tier daily content for a fast-paced website
  • Keen awareness of the millennial digital landscape, from established media brands and new editorial sites to social media stars and emerging platforms
  • Strong interviewer
  • Feature editing experience
  • A network of skilled and subject-appropriate go-to writers
  • Analytical skills and a strong understanding of how to track and respond to data in real time;
  • Experience balancing brand excellence with measurable daily, monthly, and quarterly KPIs
  • Bachelor's degree with professional editorial experience
  • Deep knowledge of AP style. Familiarity with Chicago style is a plus
  • Personal knowledge of, and passion for, RELEVANT's products, market, purpose and audience
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
  • Flexibility, adaptability and a sense of humor in an environment where rules are always changing and processes are constantly being revised

Working at RELEVANT

At RELEVANT, we are committed to innovation, purpose and excellence. We are the leading platform reaching Christian twenty- and thirtysomethings, and our team is fueled by a creative spirit and spiritual mission that is reflected in every aspect of our business. We produce RELEVANT magazine and other stuff, but all of that's covered on our What We Do page, and let's be honest, you probably shouldn't apply for this position if you don't know who we are.

We're a small, collaborative team, and our employees are working to influence our generation and impact the world by creating innovative, impactful media. If that sounds like something you want to be part of, we'd love to hear from you! We aim to incorporate our core values of authenticity, creativity, transparency, faith and stewardship into everything we do. Diversity is of great importance to us.

RELEVANT offers full medical & dental insurance for our full-time employees, as well as a generous 401(k) matching program. We also offer full-time employees three weeks of paid vacation, additional time off for missions trips, as well as generous maternity and paternity leave if applicable. The office is fully stocked with free snacks and drinks, and everyone is given great seats to Orlando Magic and Orlando City games each season. 

Our office is located in the Orlando neighborhood of Winter Park, where we're surrounded by brick streets, Rollins College and amazing shops and restaurants. This is an in-house position.

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