Founded in June 2000, RELEVANT Media Group is the leader reaching Christian twenty- and thirtysomethings.  

Our Story

Our magazine isn’t about ‘being relevant.’ It’s that a relationship with God is relevant to every aspect of our lives.
— Cameron Strang, founder

Who Are We?

An independent company with a big vision, RELEVANT reaches more than 7 million readers a month through the print and tablet magazines,, and the weekly RELEVANT Podcast. 

We’re Christians seeking God and striving to impact the world around us. We are people who want to live well—outwardly, spiritually, creatively and intentionally. We are daily seeking to show how God is at work in the world and in our generation.

We try to publish ideas that break stereotypes, challenge status quo and spur a generation to know God and impact their world. We want to engage a deeper conversation about faith and help people see God outside the box they’ve put Him in. We believe a lot can be learned by looking more deeply at things that may challenge you. 

We believe in dialogue—about Truth, faith and culture. Christians can’t be complacent living in a Christian bubble and never engaging the world they live in. We also believe in the importance of the Church. We want to be catalysts for change.


Cameron Strang founded RELEVANT Media Group on June 1, 2000, when he was 24. It's a self-contained, for-profit business not affiliated with any other companies, denominations or organizations.

We published books from 2001-2006 (R.I.P., RELEVANT Books), launched in March 2002, the print magazine in March 2003, the podcast in 2005, in 2008, and our iPad magazine in 2011.  

We've reinvented ourselves several times along the way and embraced innovating through digital media. We've added a few brand extensions, including Reject ApathyRELEVANT U and others.

What We Believe

If you’re at this website, you’re probably on a spiritual journey. Christianity is not a destination. No one has it all figured out. And because of that you’ll find the articles in RELEVANT may ask questions a lot of others won't, which is something we feel is vital to our spiritual growth.

We need to never stop pursuing Truth and authenticity with passion. We believe that eternal life and the only true freedom is found in Christ. We believe a relationship with Him changes things forever. You are not the person you used to be after you find Him. You may not be perfect—we’re all sinners, after all—but you don’t live the way you used to. Jesus told us to be in the world, yet not of it. We’re supposed to stand out and make a difference. We’re supposed to live for something bigger than ourselves. 

Following Christ and figuring out what it means to be like Him is a lifelong quest. It’s the hardest, longest and most rewarding thing we will ever undertake. It is what will define us—not only in this life, but the life to come. For more information about Christianity, we recommend checking out the Bible (it is the source, after all) and finding a good local church where you can meet other people like you.

Our Timeline

  • June 1, 2000: RELEVANT Media Group launches, focusing on marketing and design work
  • March, 2002: launches
  • March, 2003: RELEVANT magazine launches in print
  • August, 2005: The RELEVANT Podcast launches
  • September, 2008: Reject Apathy launches.
  • September, 2010: RELEVANT U launches.
  • September, 2011: RELEVANT iPad Edition launches.
  • September, 2013: relaunches.
  • March, 2014: RELEVANT deploys a redesign.

Shuttered brands (R.I.P.): RELEVANT Books (2001-2006), The RELEVANT Leader/Neue (2004-2011), Radiant (2005-2007), RELEVANT Solutions (2000-2012).